MK-808 刷Hybryd FW V2.1.0 firmware + 2dark4u-720P kernel 紀錄 (2013/02/02)

MK-808 刷刷Cyanogenmod 10 firmware 紀錄(2013/01/21)

MK-808 刷Hybryd FW V2.0.0 firmware 紀錄(2013/01/22)

MK-808 刷Hybryd FW V2.0.0+kizs_kernel_v2_1.5GHz_720 firmware 紀錄(2013/01/24)

MK-808 刷Hybryd FW V2.1.0 firmware 紀錄(2013/01/26)


Finless Rom 1.5a
‧ 效果良好. Boot 機後可以自連線, 不需手動. 連線可以保持, no drop.
‧ 主要解决26/10版firmware reboot, shutdown, 斷電可能引的 file system corruption,從而需要 reflash firmware,現在我可以用shutdown關機
‧ 加了script 嘗試解决 Wifi 跌速問題,效果因人而異。我的組合wifi訊號是强了,但斷線機會多了。所以我好有可能轉用外置wifi dongle
‧ Update 咗 Google Play store
‧ 改了 build.prop,防3/11官版 Youtube HD video 閃爍的問題 (buffer 不足)
‧ Boot 機速度較快
‧ 可以用 setcpu 改 cpu 到 1.4GHz,小心熱量
‧ 2GB user space 裝 program


Finless Rom 1.5a + 1080p kernel
‧ 可出1080p desktop
‧ 混合Finless Rom, 未見 desktop lag
‧ 整體沒有覺得特別 lag, 只在播 video時 (內置video player可用H/W decode, 但有啲srt字幕display唔到),
‧ mouse movement 有時會疾一疾.
‧ 玩Fruit Ninja時速度和前版差不多.
‧ 唯一問題是screen contrast 比較曝, 會裝screenadjust再調一下.
P.S. 可調build.prop, "lcd.density" 由 160 到 220, 整體字會放大.

Finless 1.5A is very smooth on 720p aswell

Finless 1.5A Custom ROM + kizs_kernel_v2_1.5GHz_720_USBETH+BT
‧ problem with the USB sound
‧ The usb device is recognized according to the dmesg, but it is not registered in the GUI (android settings app). If I open the Sound tab and after that sound manager, the only listed sound device is the build-in HDMI one.
‧ usb mode (Settings -> Storage). Every time I tick some of the options like Mass storage or any other, the tick persist and at the end I have all selected usb modes simultaneously checked!
‧ 2013/01/04 I cant pass 14% with Antutu benchmark, even after a factory reset. The device is not frozen, I can quit the test and do something else.

Finless 1.5A Custom ROM + kizs_kernel_v2_1.5GHz_1080
‧ sooo goood
‧ wifi working just fine

Finless 1.7 for UG802 + kizs 1080p kernel
‧ 運作正常, 畫面動作快速
‧ 1080p下飛鼠反應和啓動apps迅速, 與Finless 1.5一樣
‧ 不能用內置reboot/off tools關機
‧ 新增CIFS (Common Internet FileSystem)支援, 應可直接看到 network 上的 windows share folder (e.g. NAS). 不用經DLNA或NAS apps, 非常方便. 在內置file explorer中已可看到Network Place. 因時間關係, 晚上再詳測
‧ 用內置player播片反應快, 無疾格或跳格, 可fullscreen.
‧ Finless 1.7個開機畫面不好看

finless 1.7 for UG802 + Kizs V4 Kernel
‧ Wifi 起碼唔會 hold 死起 5Mbps

finless 1.6 for MK808
‧ wifi好快好順
‧ 桌面一頁放滿APP的ICON後,滑動就會LAG!
‧ 用Chrome上網感覺慢慢的不順,會LAG!


finless 1.6 for MK808 + kizs_kernel_v2_1.5GHz_720
‧ 跑安兔兔可以上一萬.
‧ 桌面一頁放滿APP的ICON後,滑動就會LAG!
‧ 用Chrome上網感覺慢慢的不順,會LAG!

finless 1.6 for MK808 + kizs_kernel_v2_1.5GHz_720_USBETH+BT
‧ 聽說這是藍芽版,但我的藍芽DONGLE依舊不能用.
‧ 桌面一頁放滿APP的ICON後,滑動就會LAG!
‧ 用Chrome上網感覺慢慢的不順,會LAG!

finless 1.6 for MK808 + kizs_kernel_v4
‧ 還是不穩,會重新開機
‧ wifi 好唔掂(很不好的意思)
‧ 201301/09 What I get is sometimes unresponsive apps and default launcher (it asks for wait / close)
And when I remove some usb devices, it locked up all system one time.

finless 1.6+kizs_kernel_v4.1 720.img
‧ 還是不穩,會重新開機
‧ 2013/01/09 works very well with the dongle usb to ethernet


ROM build_no: mk808_300j1_10-11-2012
‧ 多了ScreenCap



‧ It fix the problem for no blue led light when you connect with the charger, or it has no signal on your TV.



I have a MK808 and I can't find info regarding how to change Kernel on a custom rom like finless or others.

If you download the Finless rom, inside the zip file you will find everything needed to flash the rom. By default, when you run the flashing app, all parts of the rom are preselected. If you need just to flash the kernel, then you need to unselect all other parts (like boot.img, recovery.img, etc) and leave only the kernel's tick. Of course you have to change the path to your kernel image. Be aware, that every image (boot, kernel, recovery...etc) has offset and maximum size, so you have to be sure (in your particular case) that the kernel image is not longer the maximum, otherwise it will overwrite the next image in the chain.


how to flash a kernel (如何單刷Kernel)


接下來的步驟就像之前的一樣, 要刷的時候除了 Kernel 這欄位不要取消打勾,其他的都取消打勾,注意,不用按 erase NAND 只要按 Flash ROM 就可以了。.


Flashing the Firmware.





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