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I've been retiring and retraining a lot of characters to see all their skills and compiled my findings here. I'm having problems with the Waywatcher and the Grey Wizard - according to the journal there are skills I haven't see yet, but I NEVER get them  Please help if you have gotten something else! Here is the list. Starred skills are starting skills.
Marauder: (complete) 第一個 掠奪者(看起來像騎士)
Battle Blades
Battle Rage*
Hunter's Eye
Ignore Wounds
Reaction Strike
Sixth Sense
Waywatcher: ()第二個 道路看守者(弓箭手)
Rapid Strike

Ironbreaker: (complete)第三個 碎鐵戰士
*Killing Blow
Mighty Blow
Grey Wizard: (three missing)第四個  灰色巫師
Cure Small Wounds
Finger of Life
Healing Mist*
Blood Pulse
Twilight Translocation
Shadow Daggers*
Shadow Bolt*
Blade of Night
Cyclone of Silence
Okkam's Mindrazors
Nightmare Visage
Veil of Revival 
Trollslayer: (complete) 第五個 巨魔殺手
Ignore Blow
Lessen Blow
Mighty Blow 
Reaction Strike

Warrior Priest: (complete) 戰士牧師
Call of the Brave*
Hammer of Sigmar
Heart of Steel
Scourge of Chaos*

Archmage: (complete) 大法師
Blinding Light
Drain Magic
Phoenix King's Protection*
Ward of the World Dragon
Arcane Unforgiving
Hand of Glory
Soul Quench
Star Lance*

I plan to eventually add descriptions and ratings. 
A few of the missing skills :

Grey Wizard :
Heartbeat : heals 1 HP to 6*Battle level HP (in the board game it is Battle level D6 HP)

Marauder :
Reaction strike : automatically attacks one ennemy when ambushed (encounter on magic roll) or discovering a new room if able (ie if there is one adjacent).

Troll Slayer :
Deathsong : Instead of falling down, fights with 1 wound when downed. Each subsequent blows makes him go unconscious on 1-4 (keeps fighting with 1 HP on 5-6).
Here are my descriptions and impressions for the Ironbreaker :

Ironbreaker: (complete)
Deathsong : Allow the fighter to continue fighting when at zero wounds. Each time he is wounded afterwards, he is downed on 1-4 and keeps fighting on 5-6. This skill is pretty underwhelming, it may be useful, but not as much as a skill that would avoid getting killed in the first place. However, that is sadly one of the best skills of the Ironbreaker.

Endure : Allows the warrior to ignore a blow that would otherwise kill him. It sounds like a weaker version of deathsong (although negating the damage can be nice in certain circumstances). 

Enrage : Roll 1 dice at the beginning of the turn :
1 : the attacks of the warrior become wild and inaccurate (in the boardgame, he would lose all attacks, here, it sounds like he hits with a modifier, or on a natural 6, I don't know).
2-4 : no change
5-6 : gets +1D6 attacks with a -1 modifier to hit roll.
This skill was originally very good, because it was optional, but for some weird reason, the ios app developers decided to make it mandatory, thus making this skill pretty unreliable (especially at higher levels).
That said, the inaccurate penalty is not as crippling as in the base game.

Goldmaster : Doubles the amount of gold got when dealing the finishing blow to an opponent. The effect can be quite noticeable if you make sure dealing the final blow with the Ironbreaker as often as possible.
The skill seems bugged though, either the amount of gold displayed on a killing blow is wrong, either the skill does not work at all, but it displays the same number of coins whenever the Ironbreaker or someone else makes the kill.

Killing Blow : Causes 2 extra damage on a roll of 6 when attacking. Good passive skill, even though the extra damage is a bit low.

Mighty Blow : allows to trade all your remaining attacks for a more powerful one : each attack forfeited adds the strength bonus to damage.
This skill was much better in the tabletop game than here, because it is not uncommon to have weapon with very high base damage compared to toughness now, which makes forfeiting these attacks not worth it except to get a higher chance of causing a deathblow.


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